Volunteering in Piispala

Volunteering in Piispala Piispala welcomes volunteers through European Solidarity Corps program. This program helps young people participate in projects that benefit communities abroad and in their own country. Organizations that wish to get involved can receive funding from European Solidarity Corps in the form of grants by sending a call for proposals. European Solidarity Corps […]

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Finnish in Finland: language learning and new experiences

Nainen seisoo rannalla puun vieressä lähellä vedenrajaa

Finnish in Finland: language learning and new experiences For many years already, Piispala has been offering trainee placements for students of Finnish language through Finnish in Finland (Suomea Suomessa) training programme. Organized by Finnish National Agency for Education, the Finnish in Finland programme gives students in universities outside of Finland an opportunity to get a […]

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Piispala becomes Finland’s 100th sustainable travel company

Piispala accreditated as Finland’s 100th sustainable travel company Piispala has become the 100th company in Finland awarded with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. To get the label, companies must satisfy Visit Finland’s sustainable travel criteria, which cover economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability. The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label is designed to promote responsible tourism […]

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Safety Information for Customers

Safety Information for Customers In Finland, we welcome leisure travelers from countries where the coronavirus situation has eased to the level regulated by the Finnish government. Meanwhile, we still take safety seriously more than ever. Travel service providers are following strictly all health guidelines to make sure you are safe and comfortable while exploring Finland. […]

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Piispala has started the journey towards Sustainable Travel Finland label

Polku joka johdattaa vihreään metsään.

Piispala has been accepted to the Sustainable Travel Finland programme From the start, Piispala has strived to make responsible and sustainable solutions for all our operations. For example, electric cars have been used by cleaning and facility management staff for transferring from site to site  for years, but it hasn’t been brought to the sight […]

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