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Various sports facilities

The diversity of Piispala’s sports facilities enables exercises with a wide range of possibilities. We provide an excellent training setting for clubs and teams of ice, swimming and field sports. You can book from us your own turns to use the sports facilities, organize a tournament weekend, for example for ten teams, or anything else in between.

Overnight customers and day visitors can book time to use sports facilities by contacting our Reception or Sales. Those customers accommodating at us can use basic facilities such as sports halls and gyms as well as indoor sports equipment free of charge. Various outdoor sports equipment can be also rented from us.

Sports facilities in PiiSpa

Our ice rink is open to teams, groups and individuals all year round.

  • 26 x 56 m rink
  • small stand (on the second floor), heated referee box with WiFi
  • heated commentator’s booth and player observation box
  • screening technology with a fantastic sound reinforcement system and video- and scoreboard
  • altogether seven locker rooms with showers
  • Blademill skating mat
  • Shoot Out hockey shooting simulator
  • Curling


The swimming hall with its multifunctional pools offers different possibilities such as swimming, diving, scuba diving, swimming training, water gymnastics, water adventure and rehabilitation.

  • Spa-like modern swimming hall, steel pools
  • Four-lane 25-metre fitness swimming pool, depth 120-400 cm
  • Diving pool, depth 400 cm: 3-metre diving stand, springboard
  • 7×12 m multifunction pool, depth 95-120 cm, counter-current device, whirlpool bath bench, and two massaging jets
  • 5 x 8 m teaching pool, depth 80 cm – swimming practice and water exercise especially for children
  • Water-running belts and floating auxiliaries
  • Women’s sauna and men’s sauna
  • Two changing rooms for groups and a women’s and a men’s changing rooms

Check opening hours of our swimming hall

Piispala’s bowling alley is located in the basement of PiiSpa Water and Ice Sports Centre. Besides the main entrance, the bowling alley can be also accessed without barriers from the basement entrance.

  • 4 lanes
  • Glow bowling
  • Possibility to use auxiliary tubes
  • Bowling shoes for children and adults


PiiSpa gym is on the second floor of the building, just the left side after the stairs.

  • Gym workout equipment, dumbbells, barbells
  • Bosu balls, kettlebelss, pilates rollers
  • Spinning bikes
  • SkiErgo device for skiing training
  • Varied fitness workouts, physical fitness tests, gym exercises and dancing lessons

Sports facilities in Activity Building

The multifunctional sports hall is located on the ground floor of Activity Building and can be accessed either by stairs or by lift. There is an indoor climbing area connected with the sports hall, including a 3m high climbing wall and a 6m high one with upper rope securing device.

  • Basketball court – internationally accepted standard dimensions
  • Sports floor surface – Pulastic 2000
  • Basketball, volleyball, floor ball, badminton
  • Floor mats available for an area of 224m2
  • Dressing rooms and showers for men and women
  • Efficient lighting








The upper sports hall is located upstairs of Activity Building and can be accessed by stairs.

  • Low ceiling sports hall on the upper floor of Activity Building
  • Stunt track facilities and equipment, mattresses
  • Stunt tracks, body building and muscle exercises, archery and eco-shooting

Come to arrange the best birthday party for your child on the stunt track of our upper sports hall!

The gym is based on the ground floor of Activity Building and can be accessed by stairs or by lift.

  • Dumbbells with free weights, barbells, cable stations
  • Especially for weight training

Football hall

The artificial turf field of Piispala’s football hall is roofed with DUOL air-supported dome that allows year-round training. The hall offers excellent conditions to play not only football but also other sports like Finnish baseball, rugby football, lacrosse and field athletics.

  • The hall’s measurements are 62 m x 90 m and its height is 18 m.
  • Long-fiber artificial turf
  • Natural bounce on the field’s surface – the bounce of the field is integrated into the turf
  • Fiber thread treated with lubricant and crumb rubber provide a safe base
  • Normal football shoes can be used on the field.

Outdoor sports areas in Piispala

Piispalankangas Recreation Area serves groups as well as independent individuals free of charge. For the use of first-snow skiing track, we charge a daily or seasonal fee.

  • Lighted jogging path / ski track about 5km
  • Fixed orienteering checkpoints
  • Geocaches
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Forest adventure points
  • Snow sports centre including the sled hill and the training slope open for groups on reservation

Frisbees and forest adventure maps can be borrowed from our Reception. We also have traditional style skis and snow shoes available for rent.

The beach area on the shore of Lake Kivijärvi offers things to do and relax in the summer. Customers accommodating at us can use boats and canoes in the beach area for free. SUP boards are also available for rent for anyone interested in stand-up paddling.

  • Beach with campfire sites
  • Diving towers 3m and 5m high
  • Canoes, rowing boats, Viking boat, SUP boards
  • Outdoor game and parkour field
  • Stunt and lower-rope course
  • Maintenance building with toilets ( in use in summer)
  • Beach kiosk in summer
  • Beach volleyball court

Piispala’s Top 5 outdoor activities, download the tip list for independent outdoor activities.

Piispala is the place for relaxing, different kinds of exercises and adventures.

Our outdoor climbing tower is used for wall climbing, ice climbing and descending depending on the seasons. The tower is located in the terrain between PiiSpa and the football hall.

  • 13 metres high with top rope securing
  • Two walls of the tower are for wall climbing (one with the negative sloping) and two for ice climbing (also one with the negative sloping)
  • Both climbing and descending activities always demand the guidance of specially trained instructors.

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