Tracing a better life

We are a holistic wellbeing centre.

Pääskynpesä and Riekonkieppi in Piispanhattu, home base for group spirits

Piispanhattu offers comfortable accommodation in 20 rooms on the second floor of the wooden apartment building. Rooms are divided into two wings, Pääskynpesä and Riekonkieppi. Both accommodation wings have their own living rooms and kitchens, so two separate groups can accommodate in this floor comfortably.

Access to Piispanhattu along the stairs

The location of Piispanhattu is near Piispantupa dining hall, Activity Building and Animal Home Pihka. Built on the ridge top, from Piispanhattu to Activity Building and Piispantupa dining hall, you will walk along a covered and illuminated stairway. On the first floor of Piispanhattu, there are meeting and group work rooms, offices and a teaching kitchen.

Comfortable accommodation in Pääskynpesä and Riekonkieppi

There are 10 rooms in Pääskynpesä and 10 in Riekonkieppi, and each room can accommodate 4 persons maximum. Suitable to accommodate big groups, the facilities here not only support for the group spirits but also make the night supervision become easy for children and youth camps. At the Pääskynpesä side, there are 2 disabled guest rooms, where the toilet has liftable armrests to facilitate the movement. There are no pet rooms in Piispanhattu.

Pääskynpesä and Riekonkieppi in brief:

  • Capacity for 2-4 persons in each room, 10 rooms in each accommodation wing
  • 2 beds downstairs and 2 in the loft upstairs
  • Toilet and shower in each room
  • Fridge in each room
  • Common living room
  • Kitchen in each common living room, equipped with a coffee maker, a kettle, an oven, a microwave oven and some tableware
  • Drying cabinets at the entrance of the accommodation floor
  • No television