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International growth with Piispala

International activities are part of core missions as a youth centre. Our international activities are based particularly on network cooperation at regional, national and European level. We fulfill our international responsibilities by providing information and mentoring for overseas volunteer periods, youth exchanges, seminars, language courses and work camps. We promote internationalization at home by organizing, for example, school or youth house visits, or events together with foreign volunteers.

We give advice, support and coordination for internationalization by assisting with projects, organize meetings with groups, individual young people and youth workers, and help tailor your own international path. With our activities, we aim to raise awareness among young people and youth workers of international opportunities such as seminars, trainings, study trips and volunteer projects.

The project of International Youth Work for All in Central Finland is supported by Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland.

We increase young people’s opportunities for internationalization and urge forward their mobility.

Please contact us whenever you are interested in the internationalization and would like to learn more about the possibilities we can offer!

International Affairs Coordinator Piia Pyykkinen tel. +358 (0)41 730 1651,