Tracing a better life

We are a holistic wellbeing centre.

Hirvi row house offers atmospheric accommodation rooms and a multifunctional meeting room in the middle of Piispala

There are 10 nice accommodation rooms in the Hirvi row house. Each of them can accommodate 2-4 persons and has their own entrance door, which fits especially adult groups and small families. The yard of Hirvi makes you be in direct touch with the nature and access to the jogging paths easily. It is about 150m from Hirvi to PiiSpa Reception and about 200m to Piispantupa dining hall.

Hirvi row house rooms in brief:
  • Capacity for 2-4 persons in each room
  • 2 beds downstairs and 2 in the loft upstairs
  • Toilet and shower in each room
  • Drying cabinet
  • Fridge, coffee maker, kettle, microwave oven

Inspiring meetings in the Hirvi row house

In connection with the accommodation rooms, there is also a meeting and evening activity room with a beautiful stone fireplace for about 50 persons. The spacious room and beautiful forest views create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, while the small kitchen and service area allows for easy coffee or food serving for the group. Next to the meeting room is a sauna with a dressing room big enough for about 10 persons. Therefore, it is very convenient to organize all-day activities in the same building if needed.

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