Piispala celebrates the 40th anniversary in 2022

In 2022, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Youth Centre Piispala. Throughout the year we want to highlight the anniversary year in our operations, focusing on children and young people naturally.

Piispalan juhlavuoden logo.

During the year, we will organize different activities and events for our customers and celebrate what we have achieved on the journey of youth work in the past 40 years. The very first step was to apply the new logo for the anniversary year, for which we have collaborated with a local young entrepreneur in the design work. We would like to pay more attention to the locality and the possibility to use the services of local young entrepreneurs.

As planned, we will arrange open days, family events, education seminars as well as children’s events.

Welcome to join us to celebrate our 40th anniversary! If you are interested in the history and story of Piispala, please read more from this link.