Piispala has been accepted to the Sustainable Travel Finland programme

From the start, Piispala has strived to make responsible and sustainable solutions for all our operations. For example, electric cars have been used by cleaning and facility management staff for transferring from site to site  for years, but it hasn’t been brought to the sight because it has been understood as a matter of course. However, sustainability covers many different areas and demands continuous development, as this is the only way to ensure responsible operations. That is why we have decided to be more committed to sustainability, and we also want to highlight it in our communications in a bid to encourage others to act more responsibly.

We want to further develop our sustainability and also make it known by our customers

Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme, which Piispala has joined in now, provides with a free and concrete toolkit for sustainable tourism to guide the participants through the programme. It also provides a business model for continuous development. Companies that undergo the entire Sustainable Travel Finland programme are possible to be awarded with the Sustainable Travel Finland label, with which the company can communicate its sustainability. To get the label, a 7-step path has to be taken which lasts for an average of up to a year. The best part of the programme is that you don’t have to start figuring things out on your own or trying to remember the Triple Bottom Line — it provides you with excellent tools, models and trainings, and there is no pressure to fulfill the programme immediately, but at your own pace and according to your own resources.

Piispalan luontopolku ja mäntymetsä

Sustainable practices are one of the values of Piispala’s operations, but why should it be made visible? The simple reason is that only sustainable businesses will succeed in the future. Consumers require to showcase the transparency and sustainability of products and services. It is no longer enough to just think that actions support sustainable development and are, for example, ethical, but it must also be made known through communication.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this. It’s great to get involved in this programme and be able to show young people in particular that we share their concerns about the future and show them an example of how to act responsibly. It’s time to act now!

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