Strength training


The goal is to learn about the meaningful and, most of all, safe strength training with the help of body weight and various equipment (gym equipment, kettlebells, power bars, etc.).


Get to know muscular strength and motion control with your own body weight or gym equipment and various tools in a diverse and inspiring way. For those under the age of twelve, the emphasis should be on their own body weight as well as on small weights. For those older than twelve, more emphasis can be placed on the use of gym equipment. Go through the importance of stretching before and after workout while training.


Use indoor sports gear. This programme is suitable for those over 11 years old.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour.

5–15 persons
Group size: 5–15 persons
1–1,5 h
Duration: 1–1,5 h
Year round
Strength training