Safety Information for Customers

In Finland, we welcome leisure travelers from countries where the coronavirus situation has eased to the level regulated by the Finnish government. Meanwhile, we still take safety seriously more than ever. Travel service providers are following strictly all health guidelines to make sure you are safe and comfortable while exploring Finland.

Please watch the video of “Finland is ready for you” below to get some tips for your visit in Finland.


To know more about latest updates on traveling to Finland and measures Finland takes, please read this Practical Information for Travelers to Finland during Corona Pandemic from Visit Finland’s website.

In Piispala, we have designed our services in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish government, the recommendations of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and the instructions of Regional State Administrative Agency. Here are brief instructions and information on how we strive to ensure the safety of every group and customer with us.

Group activities

We organize the activities of groups in such a way that the groups do not meet one another during the activities. Every group is given its own schedules and instructions, which is very important to be followed by each member of the group when using the facilities.

  • All our sport and activity facilities are available to our groups and customers.
  • Our café and shop are open to groups daily. Please remember to keep the safe distance at the café. The door handles are disinfected and the toilets are cleaned several times a day. Public areas are cleaned daily.
  • Group gathering in other times than the programme schedules is suggested to happen outdoors.


We continue to stagger dining times so that each group has their own dining time, lasting for about 30 minutes.

  • Only one group is arranged in the same dining area at a time. The tables are wiped and the pick-ups are replaced before the next groups come. Our kitchen staff wear respirators when working in the dining room.
  • Groups are possible to meet each other at the buffet line or the dish returning point. It is important that everyone takes care of hand hygiene, keeps distance from others and follows the instructions to cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or into your elbow.
  • There are hand washing places near the entrance to the dining room, where everyone should wash their hands thoroughly according to the instructions of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Hand sanitizer is also available inside the dining room for your use as needed.


  • Daily interval cleaning in the accommodation is done by our staff only for the common areas when the group is away, while the room sanitation is under the responsibility of customers during the stay (unless otherwise agreed in the contract).
  • It is not recommended for customers and customer groups to visit the accommodation area of others. All other encounters between customer groups should also be avoided to prevent the spread of possible infections.

Piispalan viihtyisät paritalohuoneistot

If you get sick during the stay

In case of getting flu symptoms during the stay in Piispala, the customer or the group leader should contact our reception immediately. We’ll follow our ready-made guidance and model for suspect cases.

The most effective way to avoid the spread of the epidemic is to come to us only in good health! Should you have any questions, please feel free to call our reception or contact us by email.

The health and wellbeing of our customers as well as our staff are top priorities for us

Wish you a safe visit, and see you soon!