Authentic Finnish Camp School

Piispala is the biggest among the nine national Youth Centres supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. We organise over 300 school camps and other camps yearly. Children, youth and their parents are welcome to learn about our activity-based learning methods in non-formal settings. We offer you over 50 activities in four categories including sports, handcrafts, nature & adventure, and wellbeing. Our professionals will help you create the best tailor-made camp experience in Finland.

Our excellent indoor and outdoor sports activities throughout the year guarantee the successful organization of any camp school, camp or event. In Piispala, you can get to know new sports, experience joyful common exercise moments and get tips to improve your skills. Our instructed sports activities are goal-oriented. Besides sports fun, these activites also provide opportunities for reflection and learning through your own activities or the group’s. A visit to a local school during the school year can be arranged.

Our all-round and interesting handcrafts programmes are goal-oriented and will inspire you to think about the themes behind the activity. The programmes are aimed to familiarize participants with new handcrafts, engage them with tasks which demand long-time planning and concentration, and bring them successful experiences from creative activities.

Most of our nature & adventure activities are goal-oriented and safe. It is a form of education that includes active work, new situations and experiences of success. In our nature and adventure activities, participants can challenge themselves at the climbing tower of 12 meters high, develop their own skills safely in the forest and seek new experiences in the beautiful nature of Central Finland. The experiential learning pedagogy behind the youth center’s activities is a holistic and goal-oriented teaching methods, which combines the nature, surrounding community and physical education together, and is applicable to all types of groups.

Our wellbeing programmes are aimed to support and enhance the individual’s and group’s experience of their own wellbeing, and provide ways to strengthen their own wellbeing areas. The programmes offer the opportunity to pause for a moment in the midst of activities and find ways to help your body and mind relax and recover.

The follow is an example of programmes for a 5-day camp school:

5-day camp school programmes

The length and contents of camp school can always be tailor made according to the group’s needs.

Full board price: Adults from 90€/day, Children (4 – 16 yrs.) from 75€/day,  including VAT, accommodation, full board meals, linen, use of basic facilities such as gym, indoor sports hall, classrooms and sauna.
Actvity price: 90€/hour/teaching group(max 20 persons), including VAT, instruction and use of basic facilities and equipment. Extra costs will be charged for special facilities such as swimming hall, bowling alley and ice rink.
Group size: 8 – 50 PAX
Duration: 3 – 10 days
Availability: All year round
Language options: Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, Chinese
Clothing: Indoor sports clothes and outdoor gear according to the weather