Theatre make-up


The goal is to perceive faces and different facial expressions and to develop students’ courage to express themselves in a group. The purpose is also to use make-up colors to create skin art, such as face make-up or making bullet holes and wounds which are familiar to us from the movie world.


The instructor will introduce make-up and its tools in general: make-up in theatre and movies as well as war and hunting make-up. Participants get acquainted with the help of the instructor on making a simple mask and techniques. The participants will make a design which they will implement alone or in pairs. At the end the make-up will be washed away.


Face paints (Grimas) used in this programme are allergy free. This programme is suitable for all ages.
For camp schools, a separate material fee will be charged.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour + material cost 1,5€/person.

5–30 persons
Group size: 5–30 persons
1–1,5 h
Duration: 1–1,5 h
Year round
Theatre make-up