Stunt and low-rope course


The aim is to get the feeling of success and to learn body control by exploring Piispala’s stunt and low-rope course, where the participants can run, climb, balance, crawl and jump over various obstacles individually or in a group.


With the help of the instructor, the participants get to know the stunt course that develops body control, agility and coordination. The participants learn together how to safely cross the obstacles in the stunt course while taking into consideration each participant’s abilities. The stunt and low-rope course offers possibilities for all-round body balance and motor development.


Dress in outdoor gear and wear supportive shoes according to the weather and season. This programme is suitable for all ages.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour.


5–24 persons
Group size: 5–24 persons
1–1,5 h
Duration: 1–1,5 h
Stunt and low-rope course