Scrap book design


The goal is to encourage students for creative thinking, utilizing recycled paper and doing craft work.


Scrap book design is about collecting, inventing, combining words and pictures into new entities and stories. Scrap book design is not only about making a book, for it can also mean making a birthday card or an idol page. In the beginning of the activity the instructor will introduce the art of scrap book design and the available material and tools (stamp, puncher, pattern scissors etc.). Then each participant will produce their own scrap book design, which they will introduce to the rest of the group.


Participants can bring their own material with them (e.g. pictures).
For camp schools, a separate material fee will be charged.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour + material cost 1,5€/person.

5–30 persons
Group size: 5–30 persons
1–2 h
Duration: 1–2 h
Year round
Scrap book design