Pimp-up workshop


The goal is to make participants understand about the principles of environmentally responsible consumption and to guide them towards creative problem solving and how to reuse different materials.


With an instructor’s help, the participants discuss about the possibilities to reuse things and materials and what are the participants own consumption habits. Then the participants get to prepare from available recycled material different types of products or decorations based on their own ideas. The instructor will teach different techniques and methods and assists along the process.


This programme suits for all ages. We offer many kinds of materials for your choice, but participants can bring their own materials too.
For camp schools, a separate material fee will be charged.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour + material cost 1,5€/person.

5–30 persons
Group size: 5–30 persons
1–2 h
Duration: 1–2 h
Year round
Pimp-up workshop