Eco jewelry / bracelet from recycled materials


The goal is to learn the basics of environmentally friendly consumption and natural resources conservation, and how to make something new from the old. By using the recyclable materials, participants can make different accessories such as jewelry, bracelet, brooch or safety reflector.  


Making an ecological jewel / bracelet out of recycled materials (e.g. old T-shirts, clothes, felted wool, electrical cables, lego pieces, keyboard, etc.). The instructor will explain all the available materials, equipment and work methods. Each participant will make their own ecological jewel / bracelet.


This activity is suitable for all ages. For camp schools, this activity has a separate facility/equipment fee.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour + material cost 1,5€/person. 

5–30 persons
Group size: 5–30 persons
1–2 h
Duration: 1–2 h
Year round
Eco jewelry / bracelet from recycled materials