Curling is a team game to be played on the ice which requires skill and strategy. The purpose of the lesson is to learn the rules of the game and provide opportunities to develop teamwork skills, strategic thinking and concentration.


With the help of the instructor, the students will be introduced to the game equipment, technique, basic rules of the game and how to move safely on the ice. In addition, a playful tournament is played as teams.


It is cold in the ice hall, so it is advised to wear warm clothes (hat and gloves). This activity is suitable for those over 9 years old. For camp schools, this programme has a separate facility/equipment fee.

Groups: price starts from 220€/hour, including the private use of ice rink.

5–16 persons
Group size: 5–16 persons
1–1,5 h
Duration: 1–1,5 h
Year round