The goal is to learn the basics of paddling, to learn to control the canoe, the safety principles of water navigation and to get pleasant nature experiences while exercising lightly.


The participants are introduced to the paddling equipment and technique and the safety principles regarding water navigation. At first,  the instructor will explain the rules about water navigation and operating in a group on the dry land. Then in shallow water, close to the shore the participants learn first to control the canoe and the paddling technique. Based on the skill level of the participants a paddling excursion is conducted and at the same time the participants get to know the about Finnish nature and lakes.


The activity is applied according to the weather. Dress in warm clothes based on the weather and the season. This activity uses open canoes with 2-3 paddlers in each canoe. It is suitable for those over 11 years old and the group size is maximum 16 persons.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour.


5-16 persons
Group size: 5-16 persons
1–2 h
Duration: 1–2 h