Animal Home Pihka (Green Care)


The goal of this activity is to provide a holistic experience about animal care taking and of a mutual welfare and trust based on Green Care methods. Participants get to carry responsibility of an animal and to learn different tasks related to animal care.

The important part is to learn about emotions. Animals express their emotions openly and clearly however, they also react to human emotions.


The program has two parts. In the first part are conducted important tasks related to animal care, such as cleaning the stalls and cleaning the food and water containers. After the maintenance work the focus is on the second part, which is acting with the animals. This could mean for instance taking the goat out for a walk, brushing the pony or mingling with the silkies.


Animal home provides rubber boots. Dress in outdoor gear.
For camp schools, a separate facility/equipment fee will be charged.

Groups: price starts from 100€/hour.

5–14 persons
Group size: 5–14 persons
1–2 h
Duration: 1–2 h
Year round
Animal Home Pihka (Green Care)