Experience the magical Finnish Christmas in Piispala

Tunnelmallinen joulu Piispalassa

Experience the magical Finnish Christmas in Piispala Swimming in a candlelight atmosphere, declaring Christmas peace for the animals and enjoying the exceptional Christmas moment together in the Fisherman’s cottage; Cross-country skiing on our well-maintained first-snow track, exploring the adjacent terrain by snowshoeing or fatbiking adventure, and working out to sweat. Christmas in Piispala offers authentic […]

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Winter nature adventure and wellbeing

Talvinen metsä

Winter nature adventure and wellbeing Come to discover authentic and sustainable Finland in Piispala’s rural nature! Try winter activities, explore the majestic winter forest while riding a fatbike and experience the well being effects that the Finnish nature offers. And are you ready to survive the enchanting winter? Take your time and slow down with […]

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Time together – family holiday

Time together – family holiday Piispala is a perfect place to spend time together as a family. All year round, Piispala offers new experiences for the whole family every single day. Piispala’s location provides unique opportunities to enjoy nature, relaxing or exercising. Our activities are suitable for the whole family and we have over 50 […]

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